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ABOUT US​​​​​​​

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We are Charlotte Barrett and Grace Nelson “AKA” the Dynamic Duo. We are business partners, “besties” and Business Start-Up Coaches.


We started out our venture together into entrepreneurship way back in 2013, when we formed our first business partnership straight after attending a “hype” motivational seminar in London.

Everything fell into place, when we decided to grab a coffee together straight afterwards and decided to join forces and create 1 Less Stress, a bespoke events management company.

We gained success real quick (it even surprised us) as we scaled to earning 5 figure months in a couple of months since starting and on the back of that demand starting to quickly outgrow our time as we were still both still in full time demanding corporate employment.

However, we did have to overcome a number of hurdles along the way which opened up our eyes and led us to spot a number of gaps in the market for entrepreneurs in the same space as we were.

Entrepreneurs like us, still in a 9 – 5, grinding and hustling “solo” without any support;  trying to figure it all out on their own; experiencing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship alone and wanting to desperately figure out how to make money online and navigate through the business world.

Hey, I’m Grace Nelson.


I am a Business Coach, Mentor and Business Owner with over a decade’s experience on a global scale.​​​​​​​

I have an MBA in business management and work as a Project Manager contractor helping SMEs and micro enterprises in my 9 – 5.


LOVE helping others find their true purpose in life and business so that they can go forward and create impact and influence in their lives and the lives of others.

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Hey, I'm Charlotte Barrett.


I am a business startup expert, global mentor/coach and business owner with over a decade's worth of business experience! ​​​​​​​

I have a degree in Marketing.​​​​​​​

My main job is that I am a Mum to two girls including a 3 month old baby.


LOVE guiding others on their transformation journey literally lights me up.

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Have you been searching for a like minded community of female entrepreneurs who are all on the same journey of you, totally get where you are coming from and would love to support you in growing your business.?

Then look no further , as we have created The Female Entrepreneur Collective.

A high vibe community of females who are committed to taking back control of their lives and remain "in the driving" seat of their business by starting and growing a successful online business whilst still in their 9 to 5.

We would love to have you join and look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you.


​​​​​​​Grace and Charlotte xoxo

Over time, 1 Less Stress evolved into a business growth agency which beautifully brings in our decades’ of business experience together, enabling us to support, teach, coach and mentor other entrepreneurs just like where we were.

We both now provide a number of digital products and in-person workshops; supporting other females struggling to build a presence online and turn their ideas into profitable businesses by applying our 4 part blueprint for business success even with small pockets of time. 

With a mission to serve millions of female entrepreneurs worldwide and preparing for their first co-authored book “From Day Job Stressed To Your Satisfied Best” to release soon.

If you want to be one of the first to enjoy this new book, join our pre-waitlist HERE.

Our mantra for business success is: An Hour A Day To Make An Extra 1K

For us, we truly believe that when you are just starting out in business, hearing all the noise online about achieving six and seven figures can put you off and it can seem so such a far goal to reach.

We know that by just having an extra 1K a month can make a MASSIVE difference to you, your life and business.

Once you achieve consistent 1K months, then it is so easy to scale up.

You just need to 10X that to meet your desired goals. As start-up experts, we demonstrate our expertise in supporting entrepreneurs to “lay” and strengthen their business foundations. Once you can build that well, you can easily grow and scale from there. 

We always bring our unique dose of “realness” and “fun” to everything we do and that’s why we easily got our tag names as ‘the dynamic duo’.

We strongly believe business should be fun and really seen as “work” as it should light you up from the inside out. You should not be swapping one “job” for another.

We have created a growing global community of She’EOS who are ALL ready and willing to take charge of their lives.

Want to be part of our high vibe community, then head on over and join us HERE

'An Hour A Day To Make An Extra 1K'